Kona - what a difference a year makes!

A year ago, I was basking in the heat of Kona filled with trepidation of both the forthcoming nuptuals and the big day. It was hot and it was windy and it turned out to be an amazing day, I had lows and highs, was out there longer than I intended but made the most of every minute.

KONA 2014

Now a year later I am a year older and wiser but sadly far less fit :0( in the run up to Kona I was plagued with a foot injury which turned out to be exactly what I had thought it was 10 months earlier and with a small injection was cured within a fortnight. Trust your instincts always get a second opinion if you have doubts about an injury. Mind you, it was the third opinion who agreed with me, thank you Dr T.

The recovery has been slower than I hoped with two calf strains and now a chest infection which has lasted three months :0( I had a chest x-ray this morning so hopefully that will shed some light on what is causing the constant coughing and shortness of breath.

It all sounds a bit depressing but the inactivity has given me the time and opportunity to focus on developing the business and inspire others to take up the challenge of endurance sport. I am a believer in fate and that this level of inactivity is time for my mind and body to take stock and to realise how lucky I am to be able to have done and do all the things that life has thrown in my path.

I hope I am not tempting fate but I have decided to start back training this month with a new long term goal. I am not going to reveal it just yet - a few months training under my belt before I divulge all ;0)

For those in Kona this year and for those going next year, don't get caught up in all the hype. You have done the training there is not a lot left to do but acclimatise now, gentle exericse is all that is needed to adapt. Pushing the pace in that heat will only cause your muscles to tire and dehydrate you. Take an electrolyte tab each morning/evening and turn the air con off!

Good Luck and Enjoy :0)


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