Training and fitness is a lifestyle choice, to make it work for you it has to be FUN.

To reach your goals it's not about ''he who does the most does best'', it is about quality focused training, making the most of the time that you have to train.



Programmes are compiled after a lengthy consultation and fitness testing.  Goals are set according to your  results and lifestyle to ensure that they are realistic and most importantly achieveable


Test are carried out to ensure you perform at your optimum level.  The form of the testing will depend on what equipment you have.  

Power, pace, cadence and heart rates are just some of variables we use to ascertain your current ability and we use these to plot your progress through out the plan 


Training with a friend is always so much more fun, if you wish to train with a group there are discounts available, please contact me for more details .

  • Tuesdays 8:45 am : interval run session (all abilities) 

  • Wednesdays 8:45: multi discipline day various location, keep an eye on facebook for up to date details, there will be two groups to cater for all abilities (dependent upon numbers - booking is essential)

  • Fridays 8:30am : beginners/intermediate bike session 

  • Sundays 8am: advanced bike session 



You can come into the gym and work 1:1 to improve your muscle tone using bodyweight and kettlebells.  Improvng your muscle tone will give you an improved body image while giving the added bonus of raising your basic metabolic rate.  Improving your basic metabolic rate means that you will burn more calories at rest, therefore when combined with the correct nutrition you will lose weight with more ease than dieting alone.

           CORE STRENGTH


Whether you want to get fit for life or performance, core strength and stability should be an important part of your training programme.  Working on your core will greatly improve your balance and co-ordination, stabilising your movements and preventing injury through poor technique. The difference between having the edge in your chosen sport will come down to your ability to maintain the most efficient functioning of the core muscles.